For 2014, this unusual story will rock the criminal justice system and how
people think about DNA.  When a "genetic vigilante" decides to help police
convict suspects that have avoided convictions in the past, how he does it, is
without question, the most creative method since DNA was discovered.

Don't miss this thriller and fasten your literary seatbelt, as Mr. Storm takes
you on the ride of your life.
When an international model is suspected of being a professional killer and
assassin, the Chicago Police and Sgt. Rachael Hart develop the case..The
ending has a number of surprises.

You won't want to miss this unique story!!

Releases for 2015/2016
Due to the recent reviews of Mantis/Prey, we are
pleased to announce that Mr. Storm has been
contracted to create Book III of the series and will
release "Thou Shalt Not Pray" by the end of 2014.
As the KIRKUS review states, Evan Felder is as
memorable as Hannibal Lecter.  You do not want to
miss a single page.
If you enjoyed Hannibal, you will fear Evan Felder !
Press Release !
"Mantis" is in production as a
ten-part mini-series!  
The production company is part of
one of America's most prominent
actors and a screenwriter that has
written episodes for some of the
best series shows on television.
On behalf of Mr. Storm and all of
us here at Second Chance
Publications, we want to thank
each and every reader and
reviewer for "Mantis" thus far.
Stay tuned here for a sneak peek
into production and photos.

When an abused child grows to be a friend of the dark, he flees to the refuge of the
world beneath the streets of Chicago.  There, he is known as "The Cat" and
feared by everyone who dares enter his world.  Even cops !