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2015-16 Edition

    We are excited to announce the brand new
    release of Surviving the Alphabet Soup,
    which consists of 650 pages packed with
    all the latest information about the federal
    criminal justice system.
    As a practitioner with over thirty years
    experience, Mr. Storm explains the ins and
    outs of this sytem, which can impact the
    lives of those who may fall within the sights
    of federal agents.
    This is the layman's Bible to the federal
    justice system, from the day you are being
    investigated by federal agents, through the
    pretrial, trial and sentencing stages of the
    prosecution.  If you ever wondered how the
    federal courts operate, this is the book for
    you, unless you have a scholarship to law
    school or unlimited funds for tuition.
    Having been asked repeatedly about
    the methods and techniques that law
    enforcement employs in detecting
    drug dealers and smugglers, I
    created this book. While some
    believe that it is meant for those who
    desire to make their fortune in this
    trade, it is really meant to deter
    those who believe that they can
    escape the clutches of the army of
    soldiers belonging to the law
    enforcement community.
    This is THE survival guide for Pros
    and Cons alike.  
Already in contract discussions with major
producers and production companies, this
story threatens the legacy left by
Hannibal.  Evan Felder is America's most
prolific serial killer, without equal.  If you
enjoyed Hannibal, you will fear Evan

Do you believe in God?  

If you or a loved one is facing the
realities of the federal criminal
justice system, or a legal practitioner
who wants a quick guide to the
pitfalls of "plea agreements", do not
overlook this book.
For the layman, but with sufficient
case law for the legal tactician, this
book is comprehensive, revealing and
invaluable when bargaining with
federal prosecutors.
Don't let the blood spilled in the
battle with prosecutors be yours or
that someone you want to see again
in this world.
With over 200 pages, this book
covers every aspect of plea
negotiations, agreements and the
"Beast" known as "relevant conduct"
and its counter-part, "acquitted
conduct" and how these two factors
enhance sentences for years.

"From the Inside Out"

I was recently asked by federal agents
why I haven't written a book that
would make better federal
probation officers and help
those ex-offenders who struggle
with a successful re-entry to
society.  As you can see, I have
agreed to that request and the title "From
the Inside Out, How America
Sees Them and They See Us" will
be finished and avaiable the
second week of October, as I am
in the final stages of editing right
now.  How these people view the
"system" that took them from their
families for years, with mandatory
minimums, consecutive
sentences for having a gun near
them and the obvious disparities
in sentences handed to non-violent
drug cases and those of child
molesters like Jared from Subway, has
hardened them and left a hole that may
never heal.  
This book tells both sides of the
attitudes and approaches that create
friction between the parties.
I hope it eases some of the
tension and promotes a more
successful re-entry for the
offenders and probation officers
can begin to really understand how
these people think and how they
have been engrained with certain
precepts of how they should
live in this world.
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