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share the emotional devotion Mr. Storm exhibits in
every story.
We Support Our Heroes
We urge all of our readers to support our
troops who return home, wounded or in need
of our help reintegrating.  Without them, we
must all remember that our freedoms would
be lost !!
Mr. Storm recently
finished a number of
new novels,
including the tale of
the most prolific
serial killer America
has ever
encountered, Evan
Felder, in the
two-book series
"Mantis" and "The
Prey".  You won't
want to miss these
books, unless you're
afraid of the dark.
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Welcome to My Sanctuary

One of America's most notable and read authors, has just agreed
to read and review "Mantis".  He has endorsed up and coming
authors in the past and has advised Mr. Storm that if he enjoys
the story, he will openly endorse Mr. Storm and "Mantis"  
Stay tuned for the review and updates!!
We are excited to announce that a syndicated talk show,
hosted by Mr. Storm is in the planning stages at this very
moment.  He will be fielding listner calls on current topics
and his audience will be those between 25-40 and tired of
the same old hosts.  Stay tuned here for specifics and the
stations airing his show.  This is gonna be fun.