Titles Available
When a brother avenges his sister,
you cannot imagine the lengths he
goes to when he obtains his
private form of justice.
Eddie Veins will scare you !!
When the Commission that heads up the
five crime families in the United States
needs enforcement, it turns to its
soldiers, the Praetorian Guard.  How they
enforce, you won't want to miss!
When parents take on vicious street
thugs and clean up the Chicago Police
Department along the way, the methods
they use have never been encountered
before.  Don't miss this book !
America has never encountered a serial
killer like Evan Felder.  If you enjoyed
Hannibal, you will fear this man.  How he
harvests his victims and his motives for
doing so, are unique and without equal.
If you believe in Heaven and Hell, you
will not want to miss this story.  When
an execution fails and the killer
contends that he is not the same man,
the world is polarized.
This book is the sequel and final
conclusion to the "Mantis".  If you
enjoyed Hannibal, the conclusion to
America's most prolific serial killer is a
must read.
If you have ever wondered how deep a
mother's love for her child will run, you
cannot overlook this story.  When her
child is murdered, she gets her own
brand of justice on the killer.
When a child grows up in Chicago and
carves a lion's share of the drug sales
in the process, the methods he uses is
stunning and will chill even the most
avid reader of criminal endeavors.
Can a single night of drinking set the
stage for a teen's quest for a better
life?  As this attorney discovers, the
answer is yes and without question, a
devastating course for her.
Coming in the
Fall of 2015
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in 2015
When science and organized crime get
together, the outcome is outrageous.  
Accompany Det. Martha Dolan as she
unravels the crime of the century!