I am not politically correct !
           I make no apologies for my frankness or how I see current events.
    When I see ignorance, I point it out.  I am sure that my opinions will differ
    from others, but we all have the right to disagree.  It's called The Bill of
           On this page, I will make my views known and I invite those to
    contact me here, if they disagree or wish to comment.  You will not hurt
    my feelings.

           After being involved in Wisconsin's biggest cases, most of which
    involve police misconduct, I am back to writing.  Soon, I will release "One
    Indiscretion", which is almost finished now.

    I missed writing, but catching bad guys, even those wearing badges, was
    and remains important.  Milwaukee County has a District Attorney that
    loves his men & women in blue, as he just can't find the necessary
    intestinal fortitude to charge a cop with a crime, even when it is blatant.  
    Jerry Smith Jr. was shot by two Milwaukee cops, while on a cellphone to
    his Mom.  No crime, no weapon and no felony convictions to "demonize"
    him with, yet in a year, our District Attorney can't find it in his heart to
    charge these gunslingers with attempted murder.  Jerry is the poster-
    child for police shootings, yet no charges.  It is cases like this, that make
    me put aside my writing and writing federal civil rights complaints,
    instead.   Now that I am winding down in investigating cases and getting
    back to writing my books, I am more at peace, as I don't see the
    destruction and death, up close and personal.  
    However, I am going to write a story called "Facing the Menace", which
    will show you how homicide investigators deal with the physical
    destruction of life, through violence.  When you watch "The First 48" and
    see the investigators who appear as if unaffected by the deaths, you are
    very, very wrong.



           I have never been relieved of this Oath
           and never will:

    Thank you and may Great Spirit bless all of you with fulfillment of     
                   your dreams.