Meet the Characters
Benedict Ori, the commander of the Homicide Division
veteran of the mean streets of Chicago's most deadly
hiding places.  
A lumbering giant of a man, coal black hair and pillow
like hands, he is deceptive in many ways.  Victims of
crime find him their savior and protector, while the
perpetrators of violent crime have come to know him as
the fiercest cop they have ever encountered. Villains no
longer plan ways to murder him, as they have lost too
many comrades in such follies in the past.

Ori and his wife have no children, yet for all intents and
purposes, they  have adopted the woman he recruited
from a neighboring department to succeed him when he
finally retires.
Sergeant Rachael
Of Irish descent with a firey disposition and flaming red hair  to
match, her lithe and athletic build, could have brought her a
modeling career, if not for the freckles that threatened every  inch
of her body and prevented her from serious consideration by
photographers and their lenses.

Rachael began her career in law enforcement with Evanston P.D.,
where she  proved herself as an honest, dedicated cop, with morals
and ethics found in rare occasions.

While working as a detective in Evanston, she met Ben Ori while
investigating a mutual case.  Catching Ori's experienced eye,
brought her an offer to transfer to Chicago P.D. as a Sergeant and
second-in-command of the Homicide Division.  Ori expended every
favor owed him to get Rachael on the force and her Sergeant
stripes, but once on-board, her value became apparent to everyone.

As an instructor in Judo, Rachael trains regularly and hones her
skills that have aided her on the streets and with perpetrators who
mistake her for just another pretty face.

She is also especially skilled in handguns, where she has
matched or bested some of the sharpshooters on the Department.

Her finace', Daniel Salvino, has special skills himself and is known
worldwide as one of the best martial artists ever.

As heir apparent to the Homicide Division top spot when Ori
retires, she sets a tempo for co-workers and establishes herself as
one of the most notable figures in Chicago.
Medical Examiner
Tommy Dorf
his reputation in forensics sciences, pathology and garnering the
evidence available from human remains, is legendary.

Being humble and eclectic in tastes, he is friends with almost
everyone he meets, instantly.  He is especially fond of Lt. Ori and his
Irish executive, Rachael Hart.  He admires their courage and
dedication, as well as their honesty.  Too often, he has found such
qualities lacking in the Chicago Police Department and has been
integral to investigations to capture offenders who took matters into
their own hands, because of the corruption and lack of confidence by
the public.

Dorf's skilled hands and razor sharp mind, captivate your attention
and one can only admire him as a public servant.
Daniel Salvino
To learn Salvino's history and special skills, one must read
"Praetorian Guard", where he first comes to life.

Without giving away too much, Daniel is one of the best athletes in
the world, competing in matches in the Asian countries, where he has
studied martial arts and the mentality that accompanies "the gift" his
Sensei imparted to him.

You will not want to miss him and his introduction in
"Praetorian Guard".